Right Floor Services recently worked with the DIY SOS team and interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in Bolton to help the Taylor-Mann family – custody officer Martin, full-time carer Heather, their nine-year-old son William, who has very severe autism, and daughters Scarlett (8) and Penelope (1).

DIY SOS invited kind volunteers and generous companies to step up and help this family in need. We were delighted to be invited along and to make a difference to William and his family.

The nature and severity of William’s condition means he is hypersensitive to noise, and being in close proximity to his siblings is often too much for him to bear. William is unable to talk and cannot communicate his distress by any other means than crying. He finds sleeping extremely difficult and is often awake through the night, which is impacting his sisters, as he continually disturbs them. William’s severe condition also means he is not aware of danger: he will attempt to climb through the upstairs windows or turn the taps on in the upstairs bathroom causing the house to flood. He cannot be left unsupervised upstairs, both for his own safety and to avoid further damage to the house.

Martin started the process of making a third bedroom upstairs so that Scarlett and Penelope would not have to share a bedroom with him, but financial constraints and job commitments stopped him from making any more progress. This meant that William had to share a bedroom with eldest daughter Scarlett, with Penelope in with Martin and Heather. The intention of the project was to create William a space of his own that is quiet and calming.

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